Tungnath Trekking – My first Trek along with 39 students

tungnath temple

Most Frequently asked question to me –

How I become the Traveler?

How this Travel Bug hit me?

Which is the Best trek you ever did in your life?

Why are you passionate about the Adventure and Traveling?

Questions? Questions? and Question?…

Trekking Questions

So in order to answers these Questions this post totally worth it!

Back in 2015 during my College life, Our faculties decided to take us for a trip to the mountains of Uttarakhand.

After hearing this news our whole class became ecstatic about the Trip. After all, it’s a fantasy of every student to visit a place along with their friends.

So on the February End of 2015, I along with the 39 other batchmates went to these places for 3 days and 2 nights.

  • Deoriatal
  • Chopta and
  • Tungnath

All these Captivating places lie in the same region.

Day 1- Rishikesh to Deoriatal

We started our journey from Kailash Gate in Rishikesh at around 7 am on the bus. Everyone was enjoying the journey. Some were playing games like Antakshari and some were sleeping.

After a couple of hours of Traveling, our bus gets stopped near a village for the Breakfast. We ate some Paranthas along with the Chai (Tea) and took some photos and move towards our destination.

During the journey, we saw some disturbing scenes near the Rudraprayag District because of the 2013 Kedarnath Flood Disaster.

2013 Kedarnath Flood Disaster


A few hours later we reached the Sari village at around 6 pm. Some were feeling tired because of the 7-8 hours long journey. But I was excited about the Trekking and some others were also.

A couple of small shops were there. We all purchase some drinks and snacks from there. After then we moved on to our first-night destination i.e Deoriatal.

The trek to Deoriatal from sari village was about 3km and it took 1-2 hours to reached over there. The route was lush green. We saw some plants of Rhododendron locally known as Burans. Our necessary equipment like tents, food, and water was carried on the donkeys. Again at the Deoriatal, we found a couple of shops.

Tents and food carried to Deoriatal

I along with some students reached the Deoriatal lake first at 7:30 pm. Tents were already pitched. The view of the lake was totally ravishing. We sat down on the ground for 10-15 min and relaxed and was watching the beauty of the mountains.

The view of the lake was totally ravishing. We sat down on the ground for 10-15 min and relaxed and was watching the beauty of the mountains.

Enchanting View of Mighty beautiful mountains was quite visible from there. We saw some of these famous mountains from there –

  • Chaukhamba – 7138m
  • Bandarpunch – 6316m
  • Nilkantha – 6596m

We took some photos over there but due to darkness, photos were not cleared. Then we put our bags inside the tents and went for the dinner around 8:30 pm.  It took an hour to finish the dinner for the whole crew because of the lack of plates.

After that, we went to the bonfire area and danced for a couple of hours. Finally at 11:00 pm we went to our Tents and put ourself inside the sleeping bags. It took some time for us to adjust in the Sleeping bags because none of us were familiar with that.

Camping in Deoriatal





Day 2 – Deoriatal – Chopta – Tungnath Temple

The next morning was one of the best mornings we ever had. I mean who ever thought that some day, we’ll gonna brush-up our teeth in front of these beautiful mountains and lake.

“Clicking photos, dancing, and watching the mesmerizing view” these were the top activities that everyone was doing at that time.

After that, we pack our bags again move back towards the Sari Village and throw our bags in the Lodge and head towards the Chopta via Bus.

The view while moving towards the Chopta was damn beautiful. That day we get the proof Why Chopta is known as “Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand”.

Chopta View

Bad Luck! Our Bus got stuck in the heavy snow and we walked on our enjoying in the road full of snow. We took an alternate way and reached over there somehow.

At noon I along with the bunch of friends reached the Chopta. The level of snow at Chopta was high(3-4ft). While other were coming, we ate Maggie and sip “chai”.


Some information about the Chopta –

  • Famously Known as the “Mini Switzerland”
  • Altitude – 2680m
  • Surrounded by trees like Pine, Deodar, rhododendron etc
  • A great place to do Skiing

Warning: 4-5 men were there, they told and advised us not to go up there because the route to Tungnath temple was fully covered with snow. But because we were so excited about the Lord Shiva’s Tungnath Temple that we can’t resist our self and move towards the temple.

Next couple of paragraphs gonna answers all questions that I mentioned in the starting of the page!

As we were heading towards the Tungnath temple we saw some alluring scenes that took eyes and made our mouth open. The level of snow was getting high as we moving forward(from 3ft to 6ft). Also, we were getting problems in breathing because of the High altitude.

On the way to Tungnath Temple

Somehow we managed and walked against all the difficulties. But side by side we were also enjoying the serene view and snow. None of has ever seen this amount of snow and view too.

After walking 500-600m from the Chopta, due to difficulties, some friends of mine stop their trekking. But I along with 4 friends and 2 faculties didn’t stop and walked through the snow and anyhow reached the Tungnath temple.

Towards the Tungnath temple


Finally, at 4 pm we reached the Temple. We got stunned. The scene was ultimate one can’t resist saying “wow”. Only two colors were visible at that time Blue because of the Sky and White because of the snow.

Lord Shiva’s temple was half covered with snow. We worshiped Lord Shiva. We chanted and shouted “Jai Bholenath” and took some photos. After all, photos matter too along with the moments.

tungnath temple

Shouting Jai Bholenath

After all that we move back towards the Chopta. We all were filled with energy. Maybe that energy Lord Shiva gave us as the blessing.

While walking back we saw the sunset in a most beautiful way.

sunset at the tungnath

It took a couple of hours to reached the place where our bus was waiting for us. Then we move back towards the Sari village and took our dinner and slept at the lodge.


Day 3 – Sari Village to Rishikesh

We woke around at 6 am and packed our bags and put them into the bus. We danced on the local language “Garhwali songs” for an hour and we took the last Pic of our journey together.

Sari Village


Tungnath Trek Highlights

Tungnath temple in uttarakhand

  • Tungnath temple is the Highest lord shiva Temple in the world.
  • Altitude of the Tungnath temple is 3680 m.
  • Tungnath temple is the highest peak among the Panch kedar.
  • It is believed that the Temple is 1000 years old.


Recommendations to the Travelers –

We faced a lot of problems because we were not aware of the condition that we gonna faced at that time. So here are some recommendations to those wants to visit this place –

  • Best time to visit this place is April to November. As the level of snow is quite high which makes the trekking much more difficult.
  • Carry your water bottle along with some glucose.
  • Always check the weather details before planning the trip.




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